Friday, February 24, 2006

What is Google Page Creator

Google has launched a new product, Google Page Creator, which is used to create web pages on And what seems to becoming par for the course, its initial launch was too successful, and sign ups where temporary stopped. The other recent launch of Google Analytics which integrates with Google’s flagship, Google AdWords, had the same trouble; its initial launch had too much demand for the beta system. Google Page Creator allows for users to build individual pages, that are individually managed and part of the 100 megabyte space provided. Google has become one of the top two Blog creators with, which would in theory be a close sister to Google Page Creator.

Find more information about Googel Page Creator at Epic Guide

Saturday, January 07, 2006

What is a Blog?

A Blog is a website log or online journal. The word blog comes from Web log. Blogs are used for a variety of personal uses and can be used with an XML or RSS feeds to promote its contents. Blogs are increasingly used in business to help promote the intellectual knowledge of the company.

Example: Epic Guide Blog, Inland Empire News, RedFusion Media Web Design

Thursday, January 05, 2006

RSS Feed

A RSS Feed is a format for syndicating news and content using XML. RSS most commonly stands for Really Simple Syndication, and what it does is feed information to other outlets. These outlets could be websites, directories, Feed readers, browsers, pda's, or ipods. It realy isn't confined to any media because the feed is set up and formatted to be read by anyone who wants to on the other end. RSS uses XML coding which allows it to be read and formatted in any manner on the readers side.

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Paid Search Results

Paid search results are what create revenue for the major search engines. These advertisements tend to be on the right side or in the top headers of search engine pages. You can either pay by click or pay by view. The Google ad program is Google AdSense for content and for search and Yahoo recently bought Overture to power its ads.

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Natural Search Results

The natural search result or sometimes called native results, is where your site can be found inside the body of a search engine page. These are free listing results, so all competing websites have the same base to start from. The exact results of your site are based on a number of criteria such as content, keywords, back links, and outgoing links. The major search engines, Google, Yahoo! and MSN, all use keyword algorithms to determine your web page’s search results. Paid adverting is independent of the natural keyworded results.

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